Visualizer 3D - Software for metal detectors, magnetometers, gradiometers and ground penetrating radars (gpr)
3D Visualization Software for OKM Metal Detectors    

FAQ's - Frequently asked Questions

In this section we answer to the frequently asked questions about Visualizer 3D. You will get solutions to some aspects of installation and usage of the software program.


  • What is Visualizer 3D?
    Visualizer 3D is visualization software for geophysical measuring instruments and metal detectors of OKM Germany.
  • Which metal detectors can take advantage of Visualizer 3D?
    Nearly all metal detectors, geophysical instruments, gradiometers and ground penetrating instruments manufactured by OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH can be used with Visualizer 3D.
  • Where can I purchase Visualizer 3D?
    You can purchase Visualizer 3D from every OKM distributor worldwide.
    Find your local distributor in the list of OKM dealers.

Setup & Installation

  • Visualizer 3D needs an activation code. Where can I get it from?
    The first time after installing Visualizer 3D on your computer you have to activate it. You can get this activation code online via activation form or you just contact OKM and ask for it. You will need the CD-Key which is printed onto your software CD as well as the software code which is displayed on your computer screen after launching Visualizer 3D the first time.

Analysis of Scan Images

  • What does the different colors mean?
    There are three base colors: red, green and blue. In general the meanings of the colors under normal conditions are the following: red = metal objects, green = normal underground (depending on the scan area), blue = cavities.

Technical Issues

  • Visualizer 3D will not accept the activation code, what is the problem?
    If you are trying to install Visualizer 3D on a different computer than before, you need a new activation code.

    Windows Vista: If you are working with an older version of Visualizer 3D you have to start the application explicitely in administrator mode. The document "How to run Visualizer 3D on Windows Vista" describes how to run Visualizer 3D in administrator mode.
  • What does an error like "[...] error in module 'atiogl.dll' [...]" mean?
    This error message may appear because of an internal ATI graphics card and/or OpenGL driver problem. You can try to reduce the hardware acceleration as described in the document "How to change the hardware acceleration of Windows" to solve the problem. Otherwise you may install the latest graphics card driver.
  • Why are there some black holes in my graphics and what does it mean?
    Sometimes if the amplitude of measured values is too high, those values will be outside of the viewing area of the software program. Just try to decrease the difference in height (see user's manual) to bring the values back into view.

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